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Moved, Busy

Posted by Marty Haught on Sunday, May 20, 2007

Based on the silence on my blog you can guess I’ve been busy. You can also guess that blogging isn’t my highest priority. Both are quite true though I’ll see if I can keep a better blog presence. First, my family and I have been busy moving into a new house and getting out of the old one. Friday May 11th we moved into our new home and I can say that I hope that I don’t have to move again for another 20 years. While our previous rental home was awesome it’s nice to have our own home again. Second, I’ve been quite busy volunteering to my daughter’s Waldorf school, I migrated their old static web site to a dynamic one based on the Radiant CMS. There’s still much to do on it but I’m taking a short break while we handle the move. I’m also serving on the school’s Building Design Committee where we are designing a grades building for the school.

I’m currently attending RailsConf 2007 in Portland, Oregon. I will be following up this post shortly with my thoughts on the conference.

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