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Advanced Rails Recipes

Posted by Marty Haught on Saturday, June 09, 2007

About a month ago Chad Fowler asked me if I might have any advanced Rails recipes that I’d be willing to submit to his new book (with Mike Clark) of the same title for the Pragmatic Programmers. I thought about it and came up with several potential recipes from my current Rails project. I didn’t really discriminate much on the recipes trusting Chad to filter through the ones that they were too simple, had already been covered or plain just weren’t worth anything. Well, I got the official response yesterday that they’d like two of those ideas to become recipes. Of course, the deadline is looming as I have until early July to get them both done. Luckily when I decided to submit these recipes I bounced the ideas off my fellow co-worker Andy Kappen and together we’ll write up them up. Given that this will be my first official submission to a book, it’s pretty exciting. Wish me luck! No doubt I’ll be posting more about the recipes here as we work them out.

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