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Active Warehouse

Posted by Marty Haught on Dec 31, 2007Comments

One of my focuses in December was enhancing ActiveWarehouse. ActiveWarehouse is a pretty nice data warehousing plugin for Rails. We’ve been working with it for a few months now and beyond some rough edges here and there we’ve been impressed. As a young project we had a additional features we needed that hadn’t been developed yet. So being good software citizens we decided to enhance this open source project. It was my focus in late November and December to make some enhancements, specifically in how it outputs table reports. What’s really funny about this story is that Anthony Eden, the creator of ActiveWarehouse, dropped in on our Boulder Ruby meeting in November. I didn’t realize Anthony was the project creator and I missed out chatting with him about ActiveWarehouse after the meeting. This actually was just fine as we talked about skiing, bass playing and surfing instead. Later on I pinged Anthony about some of the changes we were making and seeing if they would be worth giving back to the project. He agreed and I was added to the project with commit rights.

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