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Yui4Rails trunk updates

Posted by Marty Haught on Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I’ve just pushed up my latest changes for Yui4Rails to the subversion trunk from my git repository. There have been some major changes under the hood and it will break if you don’t make a simple code change and you get the latest from the trunk. The zip and tarball versions, found on Rubyforge, are not affected by these yet. We’ll look for more testing and some hardening before we roll this out as a new release.

So how do you start to use the latest changes, you ask? Well, go ahead and pull the latest from the subversion trunk::


Two primary changes are needed to make it work, AFAIK. First, you will need to add one line in the head section of your layout/template:

<%= yui_includes %>

I would put it after any other javascript includes such as the Rails defaults.

Second, you most likely have include_yui includes that need to be updated such as this:

<%= include_yui :datatable, :charts %>

These no longer need to output anything so you can change them to this:

<% include_yui :datatable, :charts %>

Those changes should get you working on the trunk again. I will be posting a more complete tutorial on how to use the new features as well as approaches for developing new components in the plugin. For now I wanted to get this out there so you can start playing with it, without needing git.

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