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July 2008 Archives

Page Event Extension Updated

Posted by Marty Haught on Jul 26, 2008Comments

There have been a few things that have changed with Page Event extension recently in the github repo. First, limited the calendar to showing only published events. I added an upcoming and next tag for events. I also moved from test:unit to rspecs. I haven’t completed the conversion but it’s well underway. Additionally, I added doc to all the tags so you can look up the details in the ‘available tags’ reference in the admin ui. Finally, I pulled some changes from Sean Santry’s fork that adds a format option to the event:date and event:time tags. Enjoy!

Yui4Rails leaving svn

Posted by Marty Haught on Jul 28, 2008Comments

I’ve beaten my head up against the git-svn wall for hopefully the last time. On the Yui4Rails plugin, I’ve been enjoying using github and managing the constant sea of change from new YUI library releases as well as enhancements from two of my projects as well as merging in changes from a couple others. All of this I’ve done on the git side of the house. I struggled to do this efficiently with svn before and once my fellow programmers started to use git, I checked it out.

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