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March 2010 Archives

Colorado Ruby Conference

Posted by Marty Haught on Mar 17, 2010Comments

As I announced at last night’s Boulder Ruby meeting, I will be organizing a Colorado-based Ruby conference in October. Though there are no hard details yet, I am planning to have it be in Boulder around the 7th-8th of October. I’m going to be a bit creative for this conference so it won’t be like all the other hotel conference-spaced tech conferences. I am looking to keep a Colorado feel to it. The conference is primarily for our strong local Ruby community but I will make it worthwhile to travel to for all out of state folks. As soon as I have more details I’ll make another post.

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Speaking at Red Dirt Ruby Conference

Posted by Marty Haught on Mar 04, 2010Comments

Following up on my RailsConf speaking announcement, I’ll also be speaking at the Red Dirt Ruby Conference in Oklahoma in early May. I’ll be presenting in the Rails 3 group on Active Record. I only have 15 minutes so it’ll be a challenge to pack all the new features into a quick (and fun) talk.