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May 2010 Archives

May Lean Startup Circle with Eric Ries

Posted by Marty Haught on May 20, 2010Comments

Next week the Boulder Lean Startup Circle is having an impromptu meeting with Eric Ries. This happened fairly last minute as Eric let me know he was coming to town and would enjoy meeting the group. The meeting will be Thursday May 27th starting at 6:30pm. Dinner and drinks are being provided by our generous sponsors of Return Path and Techstars. Having such a supportive community makes organizing meetings like this a dream. We do have limited space so I’m ‘selling’ tickets to the event via EventBrite. If you’re interested in coming, please go over there and sign up for free. I’m sure they won’t last long.

The meeting should be a blast and I look forward to seeing you all there.

RailsConf 2010 Lean Tutorial

Posted by Marty Haught on May 19, 2010Comments

I am busy putting my lean development RailsConf tutorial together but the general shape of the tutorial is done. You can find a README that covers the structure and what you need to get started. I recommend you look it over if you’re coming to the tutorial. The title is Get Lean: Slimming Down with Rails and will include topics such as minimum viable product, split testing, continuous deployment, kanban and more. I will also have a sample app that we can play with as we work with these concepts. I’ve got two weeks left to wrap things up but this should be a fun session.

Red Dirt Ruby Conference

Posted by Marty Haught on May 11, 2010Comments

Last week I attended a refreshing and enjoyable regional Ruby conference. Red Dirt Ruby Conference broke from the comfortable mold of other regional Ruby conferences and their gamble worked. As a speaker at this conference I wasn’t sure how it would play out and was anxious to see the new format in play. I was not disappointed at all and was so impressed that it may well shape how the current forming Colorado Ruby conference is organized.

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