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December 2010 Archives

Heroku, Gemsets and Running Older Rails Apps

Posted by Marty Haught on Dec 13, 2010Comments

For one of my clients, I was asked to take over an older app that is hosted on Heroku. Because this app still runs on 2.3.5 it needs an older version of Rack than the Heroku gem. If I wanted to have both the app and the heroku gem play nice along with thin and others, I either need to upgrade Rails or put Heroku somewhere else. Luckily, rvm gemsets gave me what seems to be the best solution in an unfortunate situation.

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Managing Multiple Heroku Accounts

Posted by Marty Haught on Dec 14, 2010Comments

I recently ran into an issue where my personal Heroku account and the owner account of a Heroku app that I was maintaining were different. For those that don’t know, your account is tied to an ssh key which allows you to run privileged commands via terminal. Though you can get most of these commands being a collaborator on a project, you cannot add addons or manage resources. For that you must be the owner. The issue in this situation was the ‘owner’ had no technical skills and was not going to be running commands. Even if he could run these commands, he was paying me to manage the whole process so I needed to act on his behalf. As you can imagine, I don’t want my personal account to ‘own’ his application. So how do you deal with this?

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Movember 2010 Wrap-up

Posted by Marty Haught on Dec 03, 2010Comments

Movember is done and I think I did fairly well growing a mustache for the first time. It turns out my mo grew in very fast and looked pretty good. I got several compliments on it but most people preferred my clean shaven look. The itchiness never really set in as I was worried about. Though I did have a bit around week 3 but it was subtle and easily ignored.

I’m not sure how much awareness I spread around and my fund raising efforts were so-so at $150. This isn’t surprising since I only used twitter and Facebook to solicit donations and only 5 people responded. I think the fact that many of my friends in the same Twitter/Facebook circles were also doing it and were a bit more aggressive about fund raising.

Here you can see a photo taken on Nov 29th as well as my progress in photos over the month.

Marty’s Mospace

I shaved it all off at the end of November 30th much to my wife’s happiness. Personally, I was happy to be back to clean shaven. It was pretty odd to have a mustache. Drinking was a bit different and I had to be careful after eating to make sure food didn’t get caught in it. I think others were right in that my style doesn’t lend well to having a mo.

Regardless, I enjoyed the experiment for the month. I put the chances that I’ll do this again as incredibly low. At least there are some pictures to prove it.