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Got my slice

Posted by Marty Haught on Friday, September 01, 2006
I've had a few side projects that needed to be hosted for some time now. I've been reading about all the virtual server activity lately and have been wondering if that might be a better way to run a web server. At one point I did have my own webserver running in my basement but I was never really happy with that as I've had enough connectivity issues and power outages to make me nervous about hosting anything important in house.

So about a month ago I got wind of a hosting company that gives you your own virtual server 'slice'. lets you buy a slice with the size that you need. You get your choice of two OSes off the bat but could install your own if you wanted. Given that I have several small-time sites that need hosting this seems like a great alternative. I'll be running Ruby on Rails on my slice and don't mind being my own sysadmin on the box. It certainly beats shared hosting which I've been sketchy on after hearing some of the horror stories from other folks.

Anyway, I got my slice today and started to set it up. I've been impressed not just with the setup the slicehost guys have put together but also their support and willingness to answer my questions. So if any of you out there have been waiting for something like this, you might want to check it out. Also, they give referral bonuses so if you decide to sign on, you're welcome to use me there. :) mghaught _at_ gmail _dot_ com.

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