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October 2006 Archives

October 2006 Archives

Posted by Administrator on Oct 26, 2006Comments

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New site up with Radiant

Posted by Marty Haught on Oct 26, 2006Comments

Well, I just got my new site up and running with Radiant. It's a bit rough but hopefully over the next few days I'll get it looking good. Stay tuned.

Rake task completion

Posted by Marty Haught on Oct 31, 2006Comments

I’m a huge fan of code/command completion. So you can imagine that not having code completion for Rake commands was a disappointment. It’s not like I had task completion for Ant so it wasn’t really based on something I had before. However, I saw some posts several months back on how to enable command completion with your rake file. Unfortunately I was so busy that I put off investigating it until later. Well, I finally had some time to sit down with it.

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