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May 2008 Archives

Page Event Extension Released

Posted by Marty Haught on May 03, 2008Comments

The event extension (for RadiantCMS) that I have been talking about and working on for nearly half a year has finally been released. You can see it in action on Boulder Ruby’s calendar page. This extension has been on my list ever since I created the Boulder Ruby site in Radiant. I will also be using this on the website for my children’s school. Loren Johnson already had done an event calendar extension but it was tied to an iCal feed and this was not how I wanted to manage the events. So this event extension is all about tying one of your pages to some date and time.

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Upgrading Rubygems

Posted by Marty Haught on May 02, 2008Comments

This week I’ve been spending much of my free time getting the release of my new Radiant extension wrapped up. I’m in the final stages of that right now so expect a post soon on those details. So as part of this process I wanted to install the new extension on an external facing Radiant system, such as Boulder Ruby. I’ll reference it so people can see it in action. In order to do this I need to upgrade several things. First, I need to upgrade BoulderRuby to Radiant 6.6. Radiant 6.6 is built on Rails 2.0 and also needs the newer version of Rubygems. No problem, right? Well it turned out not to be so!

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Yui4Rails at RailsConf

Posted by Marty Haught on May 27, 2008Comments

Just a quick note to anyone interested in Yui4Rails at RailsConf 2008. I have scheduled a Birds of a Feather session for Yui4Rails on Friday night at 9pm. You’re all welcome to come hang out with us and talk about Yui4Rails and what we’re up to in person. Here’s the entry with all the details:

Yui4Rails BOF Session

Otherwise, I’m getting ready to head out to RailsConf. I’ll be there Thursday afternoon. If you want to meet up, please send me an email to coordinate.

Yui4Rails Component Tutorial

Posted by Marty Haught on May 23, 2008Comments

Building YUI components in Yui4Rails

I’m going to go over the process for adding a YUI component into YUI4Rails. The basic philosophy that I have been following is the end result should be a concise, easy to use api for the developer yet allow flexibility for the myriad options that the YUI components offer. Let’s explore this approach with the latest widget that I’ve added, the carousel.

Before we dive into the code, let’s look at how the developer would use the carousel widget on one of his pages.

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Yui4Rails trunk updates

Posted by Marty Haught on May 13, 2008Comments

I’ve just pushed up my latest changes for Yui4Rails to the subversion trunk from my git repository. There have been some major changes under the hood and it will break if you don’t make a simple code change and you get the latest from the trunk. The zip and tarball versions, found on Rubyforge, are not affected by these yet. We’ll look for more testing and some hardening before we roll this out as a new release.

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