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April 2008 Archives

MountainWest RubyConf 2008 Reflections

Posted by Marty Haught on Apr 02, 2008Comments

It’s been almost a week since the MountainWest RubyConf 2008. I had a great time there and if I hadn’t been under the weather with a sore throat I would have had an awesome time. The talks were some of the best I’ve seen, especially for a conference only costing $100 for two days. I was going to post this earlier but I wanted to wait for some of the talks to be available via video.

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YUI4Rails release 0.1.1

Posted by Marty Haught on Apr 18, 2008Comments

I’ve just posted the newest release of YUI4Rails, 0.1.1. I’ve upgraded the plugin to YUI 2.5.1 and have applied Bryan Donovan’s datatable patch. Several of you have contacted me on how to take things forward. In effort to make things a bit easier I’ve made a git repository of the plugin that is cloned off the RubyForge svn repo. You can find it here:

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