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Movember 2010 Wrap-up

Posted by Marty Haught on Friday, December 03, 2010

Movember is done and I think I did fairly well growing a mustache for the first time. It turns out my mo grew in very fast and looked pretty good. I got several compliments on it but most people preferred my clean shaven look. The itchiness never really set in as I was worried about. Though I did have a bit around week 3 but it was subtle and easily ignored.

I’m not sure how much awareness I spread around and my fund raising efforts were so-so at $150. This isn’t surprising since I only used twitter and Facebook to solicit donations and only 5 people responded. I think the fact that many of my friends in the same Twitter/Facebook circles were also doing it and were a bit more aggressive about fund raising.

Here you can see a photo taken on Nov 29th as well as my progress in photos over the month.

Marty’s Mospace

I shaved it all off at the end of November 30th much to my wife’s happiness. Personally, I was happy to be back to clean shaven. It was pretty odd to have a mustache. Drinking was a bit different and I had to be careful after eating to make sure food didn’t get caught in it. I think others were right in that my style doesn’t lend well to having a mo.

Regardless, I enjoyed the experiment for the month. I put the chances that I’ll do this again as incredibly low. At least there are some pictures to prove it.

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